Terms and conditions France

General rental conditions Gîtes La Planche

  1. Reservation, confirmation, payment
    If the tenant has decided to want to spend his holiday in one of the gîtes of the landlord, he must mail the reservation form filled in, the landlord then sends him a rental agreement. After signing for agreement of the rental agreement and the attached general rental conditions, he must pay 50% of the rental period (excluding the deposit and the cleaning costs) within 10 days.
    The booking is only definitive after returning the signed agreement with appendices (general rental conditions) to the landlord and after payment of the first installment. The remainder of the rent, the final cleaning costs (€ 100, -) and the deposit (€ 250, -) must be paid by the tenant at the latest 6 weeks before the start of the rental period. If the tenant reserves within 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, the entire amount must be paid at once. Late payment gives the lessor the right to consider the reservation as canceled. Belgian law applies to the rental agreement and is the place of payment in Belgium. Disputes concerning the lease of Gîtes La Planche are settled before the competent court of the judicial district of Leuven.
  1. Cancellation
    Every cancellation must be addressed to the landlord by registered mail:

    1. The tenant is advised to take out cancellation insurance himself and at his own expense;
    2. If the tenant does not have a cancellation insurance, the following cancellation costs will be charged in case of cancellation:
      1. Cancellation more than two months before the rental date: 50% of the total planned rent;
      2. Cancellation later: 100% of the total planned rent;
      3. When the tenant interrupts his stay no refund will be made;
  2. Liability
    During his stay, the tenant is liable for the home, the furnishings and all items belonging to the rented object. For this reason we advise the tenant to take out a fire / BA fire insurance policy for the rented gîte, this can usually be done through an extension of his own fire / BA insurance during the stay. The owner / lessor can not accept any liability or responsibility for damages and injuries that may occur to the tenants and others who are in or near the rented gîte during their stay and for inconveniences arising from force majeure situations (extreme weather conditions, cases of terrorism). , …) and unexpected activities around the gîte. Nor is the landlord liable for faults in water and electricity supply, fault in the wifi connection, nuisance in extreme weather conditions, flood and lightning strike in the equipment of the tenant (including laptop, charger GSM, etc.).
  1. Guarantee

When paying the last installment, the tenant pays a deposit of
€. 250, -. If there are culpable damages or problems, the tenant must inform the lessor. Damage due to breakage, extra cleaning costs of stained carpets, duvets, mattress covers, mattresses etc. will also be settled with the deposit. When taking over the installations and the key, a check will be carried out to determine any damage inside and outside the gîte, near or in the pool / summer kitchen / jacuzzi. When everything is left in good order, the deposit of € 250, minus any extra electricity and water consumption will be deposited into the tenant’s bank account.
If the damage caused by the tenant would be greater than the deposit paid by him, the tenant will be notified by the landlord by registered letter of the total settlement of the damage. If a settlement can take place, the landlord settles this with the remaining deposit.

  1. Arrival and departure

The rental period is at least 1 week and starts on the first Saturday of arrival from 15.00 hours and ends on Saturday departure day no later than 10.00 hours.
After receiving the final payment, the tenant receives directions and the correct procedure for key collection on the spot. The key must be handed over to our administrators immediately after the rental period when the final inventory is drawn up (in connection with the deposit).

  1. Use of our gîtes
    1. Maximum number of persons and use:: Our gîtes l’Escale and Bellevue are exclusively for private use and can be used as a holiday home by a maximum of 6 people communicated in the reservation form. The tenant is prohibited – even temporarily – to provide accommodation to persons who are not part of the rental agreement without prior written permission from the landlord, which may involve additional costs. You can not camp on the domain of Gîtes La Planche. A mobile home is only allowed if it serves as a means of transport of the tenant, third parties may not stay in it. Sub-leases as well as leases for professional purposes are strictly forbidden. Each fixed deviation results in compensation for 75% of the rent.
    2. Key gîte:: The tenant will receive one unique key upon arrival from our administrators with which he can open the entrance gate to his private garden, his gîte, the entrance door swimming pool area and the summer kitchen. Take care of this key, it is part of a complex key plan, loss costs €. 250, – !!!
    3. Inventory: The gîte is fully furnished, however, linen such as fitted sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, hand, bath and kitchen towels must be taken by the tenant. Immediately after arrival, the tenant must check the inventory for presence, proper functioning and / or damage. If no inaccuracies are reported to our site managers within 24 hours after the start of the rental period, it is assumed that everything is in order and the tenant is responsible for this inventory from that moment on.
    4. Pets: NOT allowed
    5. Smoking: You are NOT allowed to smoke in the gîtes
    6. Respect and rest: Every person present on the domain is obliged to comply with the internal regulations and to respect the peace and privacy of all those present.
    7. Water and electricity consumption: The normal use of water (3m³) and electricity (150 KWh.) Is included in the rent, this is in principle more than enough for 6 people during one week. On the arrival and departure day the meter readings are measured, additional consumption will be charged (€ 0.30 per kWh electricity and € 5 per m³ water) and deducted from the deposit.
    8. VHeating: The tenant always has the possibility to heat up with electric radiators present in every room of the gîte. The settlement is done via the electricity bill. Wood for the wood stove at €. 50, – per stère on request.
    9. Use sanitary (Attention: own water purification installation): The tenant will not throw strange things in the washbasins, showers, toilets and other drains, as a result of which the pipes and filters can get blocked. Prohibition to pour oil and grease into the sink. Mandatory use of hygiene bags present at every toilet. If there are any blockages, the tenant will be liable for the unblocking works.
    10. Swimming pool: In France, strict safety rules are applied regarding the swimming pool. These rules are attached to the swimming pool and must be strictly observed. The use of the swimming pool is entirely the responsibility of the tenants. Children and adults who can not swim should only enter the pool under the supervision of adults. The landlord is not responsible for accidents.


  1. Final cleaning

We charge for the mandatory final cleaning per gîte: €. 100, – for cleaning the gîte, the swimming pool and its terrace, the summer kitchen and the jacuzzi. The gîte must be left tidy and swept clean on departure:

  1. All rooms have been brushed out and cleaned up;
  2. Complete inventory at planned location;
  3. Dirt bins empty and trash bags tied up in the refuse container in the garbage disposal on the street (brown door at the main entrance) Glass bottles bring themselves to the glass container (<< point propre >>) in the center HYDS, behind the baker;
  4. Dish and all tableware in place;
  5. Duvets folded and placed on the beds together with bedspreads and pillows;
  6. The swimming pool must be clean and the sun loungers etc. must be cleaned up;
  7. Barbecue must be cleaned after use;

If the gîte is not left in an acceptable condition, the landlord is entitled to charge extra costs.